Your Pledge

Become one of Scotland’s best businesses. Join the movement to make Scotland a wealthier, fairer, forward-looking nation.


Making your Pledge has three parts

  1. First, ensure all your employees (excluding Modern Apprentices and those under 18) are paid the Living Wage or above.
  2. Second, choose at least two of the other Pledge elements which you are already delivering.
  3. Third, join the journey with other forward-thinking Scottish businesses – and with the Scottish Government and its partners – to take up the all the other commitments in due course to help bring your business to a different level.

Simply complete the form below detailing your policy and practices in support of your commitment. You can also speak to Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise or Skills Development Scotland to ask for help.

The information you provide may be shared with our partners such as Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Skills Development Scotland to improve the work we do to support business. Your Pledge Submission details will not be published proactively but may be subject to Freedom of Information requests.

Need to have a think about it?

We’ve created this handy download so you can read over the questions online. Just fill it in and send it back using the instructions enclosed.

1 Step 1 - Business Details
2 Step 2 - Your Pledge
3 Step 3 - Review Details
  • To sign up to the Pledge you only need to be meeting the Living Wage element and two others.

    While we realise that all elements may not be relevant to all businesses, we are keen to work in partnership to develop all areas as much as possible.