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If you have any questions about the Scottish Business Pledge, view our FAQs below.

Is the Pledge open to all businesses in Scotland?

Yes, absolutely. While we recognise that certain elements may be more relevant to some than others, we want all businesses to come on this journey with us.

Is the Pledge obligatory?

No, the Scottish Business Pledge is entirely voluntary – but we hope as many businesses as possible will recognise the benefits of making a Pledge.

Does it cost anything to make a commitment?

No, your submission is free to make.

Does a business have to sign up to the Scottish Business Pledge in order to get business support or bid for public procurement contracts?

No. However, the first five elements of the Scottish Business Pledge align to the Fair Work First approach the Scottish Government is taking to extend Fair Work criteria to as many funding streams, grants and public contracts, where appropriate, as it can.

Can I select which five additional Pledge elements I need to meet in order to make a Business Pledge?

Yes, the only core requirements for making your pledge are paying the real Living Wage, not using Zero Hour Contracts (unless it’s appropriate), and taking action to close the gender pay gap. You can choose any five – or more – of the remaining seven elements you wish in order to make your Scottish Business Pledge. We just ask that you to commit to achieving them over time.

Will I have to meet all the elements straight away?

To make your commitment you will already meet the three core elements: paying the real Living Wage, no inappropriate use of zero hours contracts and be taking steps to identify and reduce the Gender Pay Gap. After that, you will be expected to evidence you meet the full criteria for the other five you have chosen over time.

What happens if not all of the elements fit with my business strategy?

The Scottish Business Pledge has been specifically designed to recognise that meeting all elements takes time and companies will demonstrate within different timescales. What’s important is that all Pledge elements are embraced and that there is a commitment to make changes, even if they are long-term.

How can the Scottish Government support my Business Pledge?

The Scottish Government, and partners such as Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Skills Development Scotland, are keen to work with you and support you to sign up to the Pledge. We see the Scottish Business Pledge as the start or continuation of a conversation with you. Get in touch and we’ll work in partnership to devise how we can best do this.

How long will my submission take to be processed?

Your form will be reviewed within 5 working days when someone from the Business Pledge team will be in touch with you to confirm you meet the criteria or follow up on anything that is unclear.

Where can I find additional support to help my business deliver on the elements and agree a Business Pledge?

If you still can’t find the answer or want to reach out to one of our partner organisations with a more specific question, please use the form below.

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