Transition to the new core pledge elements

Transition to the new core pledge elements

To ensure your Business Pledge commitment is current, please Scottish-Business Pledge Transition Form – Nov 2019 on this page and send us information about how you meet the new core element relating to the Gender Pay Gap. And also the Environmental Impact element, if you choose/meet this option. We need this to confirm that you meet the relevant core criteria for the revised Business Pledge structure.

The final transition deadline has been extended to the 1st September 2021 due to the continuous economic impact that the coronavirus is having.

Download Transition Form

Please note, should you be unable to provide sufficient information that you meet the relevant core criteria for the new-look Business Pledge structure by 1st September 2021, we may no longer be able to recognise your existing Business Pledge commitment.

The Scottish Business Pledge is about continuous improvement. As a valued Business Pledge partner the new-look website has a members network page that offers a space for partners to ask questions, converse with other businesses about their experiences and find out information about the programme of Business to Business Learning events. We will share details of how you can access the members page in due course.

Please get in touch with Scottish Business Pledge if you would welcome further support or background and we will set up a suitable time for you to discuss your queries.

We look forward to continuing to work with you to build stronger businesses in Scotland.