Business Pledge elements

How signing the Scottish Business Pledge will benefit your business

The Scottish Business Pledge is good for business and good for Scotland. Here’s how each part of the Business Pledge could contribute to your future business success.

The three core Pledge elements are:

Paying the real Living Wage

This is the heart of the Scottish Business Pledge. It improves productivity and retention.

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No Inappropriate Use of Zero Hours Contracts

Offering guaranteed working hours increases commitment and reduces turnover.

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Action to address the gender pay gap

Taking action to address the gap in overall pay levels between men and women, known as the Gender Pay Gap, ensures a more committed workforce.

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Commit to any five of these elements:

Environmental Impact

Putting sustainability at the heart of your business can boost productivity, open up new markets and benefit your local community.

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Investing in a Skilled and Diverse Workforce

Businesses who invest in skills and training with more employees from a range of age, ethnic and other diverse backgrounds are more innovative and productive.

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Workforce engagement

Engaging your workforce can create new business energy and improve organisational performance.

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Encouraging employee-led creativity and innovations improves productivity.

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Businesses who trade internationally tend to be more innovative, productive and competitive.

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Support your Community

Taking steps to build sustainable success within your local economy sets you apart from your competitors.

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Prompt Payment

Paying your bills promptly has a positive impact on your suppliers, especially small businesses.

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