Scottish Refugee Council Job Fair

Job Fair for Refugees – Wednesday 11th September 2019

Scottish Refugee Council and The Bridges Programmes would like to invite you to promote your business and offer potential employment opportunities to people looking for work.

Scottish Refugee Council logo Scotland is proud to be a diverse country, inviting innovation from across the world, and welcoming migrants and refugees. As we move ever closer to Brexit and the uncertainty this may bring, this event offers a significant opportunity for businesses to tap into the wealth of experience that people bring with them. A diverse workforce can bring many benefits to an organisation. In addition to improving corporate culture and creativity by widening the pool of talent available, a workforce that includes people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures can result in improvements to employee morale, expand client relations and support your business to move into emerging markets.

You can also be assured that Refugees are granted leave to remain in the UK, thus have the right to work, and are issued a Biometric card from the Home Office which details their entitlements.

At the Job Fair you will be able to:

engage with refugees to gain a better understanding
diversify your workforce
learn about their employment experience and what they can bring to your business
potentially widen the talent pool of your organisation

People come from a variety of professional backgrounds including engineers, architects, IT, construction trades, accountants, hospitality etc, and are willing to find work. This Job Fair is specifically organised because they’ve had a different recruitment experience in their home country and this will help them to see what potential opportunities can be available.

Free spaces at the Job Fair will be limited. If you would like to have a table at the Job Fair, please contact Anita Yu (details below) with your Name, Business Name and contact details, by Wednesday 31st July.

Should you require any further information, please feel free to contact:

Anita Yu
Employability Support Officer
Scottish Refugee Council