Scottish Business Pledge Review 2018 - Terms of Reference


Scotland relies on businesses to create lasting economic success, building sustainable growth that also achieves fairness, equality, opportunity and innovation.

The Scottish Business Pledge is a values-led partnership between Government and business. The Scottish Business Pledge has grown steadily since 2015. On 22 March 2018 Scottish Minsters confirmed their commitment to the Scottish Business Pledge and announced a short review to make the Pledge more attractive to business, and improve uptake and impact.

The Review will explore the relative merits of:


Amending elements of the Pledge, except the real Living Wage requirement;
Amending the structure of the Pledge, for example to align better with businesses of different sizes or in specific sectors.

The Review will ensure any substantive changes to the design and operation of the Business Pledge are evidence-based, through dialogue, consultation and collaborative work with existing Pledge partners and companies, business representative organisations, sectoral bodies and the wider business community.

Paying the real Living Wage is at the heart of the Business Pledge and is outside the scope of the review. Similarly, the development of the Scottish Government Fair Work Action Plan will look at public funding and how it can better support businesses that demonstrate fair work practices.


Review outcomes will be announced following the Summer 2018 Parliament recess.