Outcome of the Scottish Business Pledge review announced

The Minister for Business, Fair Work and Skills Jamie Hepburn has announced a refresh of the Scottish Business Pledge following recent engagement with businesses.

The announcement is part of a range of measures set out in a new Fair Work Action Plan designed to support employers embed fairer working practices within their workplaces. Fair Work is central to our economic strategy: it is good for workers, good for business and good for Scotland.

The Scottish Business Pledge brings together inclusive, fair work and business practices to drive productivity and competitiveness. The Business Pledge is a key initiative that enables companies across Scotland to understand how they can support sustainable inclusive growth as well as Scotland’s Economic Strategy. It offers a mechanism for business to understand how they can demonstrate their contribution to Scotland’s National Performance Framework as well as the Fair Work Framework. The elements focus on progressive business practices that have been shown to increase productivity and competitiveness.

We have been reviewing the Business Pledge over the past year and, in response to business feedback, we have refreshed it to make it more dynamic, have more impact and build capacity to ensure that prosperity, innovation, fairness and opportunity develop hand in hand in Scotland. The reinvigorated pledge retains payment of the living wage as a core commitment, while offering a more tailored approach to meet individual business needs and includes environmental impact for the first time.

A learning network will also be established, led by a Business Leadership Group which will drive promotion of the Business Pledge and better support businesses to understand and achieve elements.

More information about the Business Pledge review outcomes will be available shortly. All changes will be taken forward as part of the implementation process throughout 2019/20.