Business Pledge Update – October 2019

Business Pledge Refresh

The refreshed Scottish Business Pledge and new-look website are now live.

Key changes include the introduction of two new elements with a new menu-based approach designed to help businesses tailor their Business Pledge by selecting those elements that work best for their business.

The Business Pledge now features three core elements: payment of the real Living Wage, action to address the gender pay gap (proportionate to the size of the company), and no inappropriate use of zero hours contracts.

In addition, through a new menu approach, businesses are now able to commit to achieving any five of the following seven elements: environmental impact, investing in a skilled and diverse workforce, workforce engagement, innovation, internationalisation, playing an active role in the community, and prompt payment.

The revised structure takes effect from Thursday 10 October for any business wishing to make a commitment to the Business Pledge and for existing Business Pledge Partners, we will work with you to support transition to the new structure by 31 March 2020.

Other changes include development of a Business to Business learning network to better support achievement of the various elements and a Business Leadership Group to ensure the Business Pledge is relevant for business. The Group met for the first time on 10 October.

For more information, please see the animations and webinar below which explain the updates in more detail.

The Scottish Business Pledge
– Good for Business and Good for Scotland

On 7 October, we held a Webinar for existing Business Pledge signatories, discussing key changes including the new elements and structure of the refreshed Business Pledge, with guests having the opportunity to pose questions throughout.

You can view the webinar here.

Business to Business – Events

A range of business to business engagement events will be taking place in the coming months, providing advice and guidance on how your business can commit to the refreshed Scottish Business Pledge.

Our next event will focus on the new environmental element. This will take place late October / early November with further details to be shared shortly.

Please e-mail for further information.

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