Business Pledge progress update from Anglian Water Business (National) Ltd - January 2017

Tony Donnelly, Chairman Anglian Water Business, Keith Brown MSP and Bob Wilson, Managing Director Anglian Water Business, sign up to the Scottish Business Pledge

As a leading national water retailer, supplying 125,000 businesses and public sector bodies across the UK, signing up to the Scottish Business Pledge was instinctive for Anglian Water Business.

The mission of Anglian Water Business is to try and understand how each organisation uses water, finding ways to help every customer reduce both their water and energy consumption and thereby save money – quickly and sustainably.

In taking over the contract for the billing of water services to Scotland’s public sector in 2016 – amounting to more than 200 public sector organisations and over 15,000 sites – it was a priority of ours to sign up to the Scottish Business Pledge.

By committing to the Pledge, including becoming an Accredited Living Wage Employer, we wanted to formally set out our commitment to the principles of equality, opportunity and innovation, emphasising our continued promise to do the best we can for our employees, customers, and society as a whole.

Since taking over the contract, we have worked hard to help individual hospitals, colleges and schools reduce their water and energy usage.

Our innovative Active Water Management® service helps achieve substantial savings, while consolidated billing and outstanding customer service helps businesses save money, be more sustainable and frees them up to concentrate on their core business activities.

As a company with a vision to be the most customer-focused utilities provider, delivering world-class service and value in a sustainable way, we recognise that people are at the very heart of our company.

Our success depends on their skills, enthusiasm, ambition and dedication. Signing up to the Pledge, including becoming an Accredited Living Wage employer, was therefore an important milestone for us, boosting productivity and competitiveness through having a committed workforce.

As a company we are also passionate about finding and nurturing talented young people in Scotland, and have already taken on two Modern Apprentices with plans to take on more in the future.

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