500th Pledge: Whisky Frames

Whisky Frames is a company based in Midlothian that makes photo frames out of reclaimed Scottish whisky casks. Each frame is one of a kind and a unique piece of Scotland’s history. The frames are handmade by our team and can be personalised with family tartans, monogrammed rivets and laser engraved messages. Whisky Frames stocks many shops throughout the UK and recently started growing our export.

The company was founded by Kristen and Ross Hunter and it is a family run business. We currently employ five full time staff and are looking to take on an additional two within the next few months. From the beginning Whisky Frames was already doing many of the elements found in the Business Pledge such as no zero hours contracts, having active workforce engagement and encouraging innovation and education. We love giving back to the community through charity raffle donations and volunteering. We pay our suppliers in a timely manner and are constantly looking for the next opportunity.

As we were already ticking a lot of the boxes, we decided to make our pledge and it fit strongly with our company’s ethos we decided that we wanted to commit to the Scottish Business Pledge to ensure people knew they were buying items from a company that was supportive of their staff and community. We have not found any of the elements difficult to achieve but they have made us focus on areas that we might not have thought about before. We made sure we were paying our staff the “Scottish” Living Wage and being a female owned business made a commitment to build an equal gender workforce and develop a youth investment program with in the business. As we grow the business pledge helps us form the foundation of what we want to build our business values on and will be a great motivator for best practice with in the workplace.