Making the Business Pledge

What you need to know before signing

You can become one of Scotland’s best businesses. Join the movement to make Scotland a wealthier, fairer, more forward-looking nation.

There are four parts to taking the Business Pledge:

1. First, you will be headquartered or have an employee base in Scotland. We ask that you show evidence of a business address in Scotland.

2. You will already meet the first three core Business Pledge elements by ensuring all your employees (excluding Modern Apprentices and those under 18) are paid the real Living Wage or above, have no inappropriate Zero Hours contracts, and you are taking action to close the gender pay gap.

3. Next, commit to at least five of the seven other Pledge elements to achieve over time. Choose the five that best suit your business and sector.

4. Finally, celebrate that you are part of a successful forward-thinking group of Scottish businesses working to bring your business, and Scotland, to a different level.

Once you’re happy with your Pledge element choices and you feel you can provide enough evidence to demonstrate your actions, you’re ready to complete the Business Pledge form.

If you have any further questions, we will be happy to help.

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