Uan Wool

Based near Kirriemuir, Angus I’ve always had a passion for rural business.

When researching what I could do to help my asthmatic son sleep better I realised that the natural properties of sheeps’ wool could help. I developed the idea of wool-filled pillows which would provide an environmentally-friendly and sustainable alternative to common pillows and harness wool’s natural properties such as support breathability, temperature regulation, fire retardancy and anti microbial features. Business Gateway, Bright Idea Scotland and Design in Action helped me prototype my product from a consumer perspective, ensuring that my company offers something that customers actually want and need. An Innovation Voucher worth £5k from Interface also secured scientific expertise from Heriot Watt University confirming the unique properties of the main Scottish wool types.

Support from the Scottish Bio Fuels programme confirmed the suitability of the wool for the production of Biochar which is important towards the management of carbon within soils and provides an end of life use for our product.

These underpin the USP of my business.


I’m proud that Uan Wool now creates premium quality products which use wool as a 21st century super material. Harnessing the natural properties to offer our customers premium support, comfort and combined with durable quality and provenance. My product is innovative and distinctively Scottish – as is the Business Pledge.

Sheep farmer, and Owner of Uan Wool: Julie Hermitage