Streamline Corporate

Based in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, London and Exeter, Streamline Corporate is dedicated to the production of high quality print, branded merchandise and branded clothing.

Employing 34 people, we take pride in listening to our client’s specific needs, working collaboratively to meet their objectives and bringing creative ideas to fruition across a range of brand collateral.

As a Scottish Business, we want to be a progressive employer that recognises and nurtures talent and provides its employees with as many opportunities as possible. We believe in offering equal opportunities to a diverse workforce and giving our employees a voice in a business where quality and innovation is second nature.

We were proud to achieve our accreditation as a Living Wage employer in September 2016 and here’s a taste of what we’ve already achieved towards all nine of the Scottish Business Pledge criteria:

Zero hours’ contracts – “We don’t offer these, we prefer to offer flexible working hours, which suit the individual and encourage a relationship based on mutual trust and respect.” Walter Paterson, Finance Director
Support employee development – “Our Talent Development programme helps to increase motivation and helps everyone to work towards their business objectives.” Louise Rooney, Talent Development Manager
Community Role – “We’re regularly contributing to local charities through fundraising events, and donate excess paper to a local school.” Roger Paterson, Managing Director