When Andrew Dobbie, founder of MadeBrave, spotted the Scottish Business Pledge, signing up just seemed natural. After all, the company was already meeting all of the pledge commitments.

In three short years MadeBrave has grown from a one man band with £1,000 in the bank to a successful business turning over more than £1 million, and with twenty plus staff. A full service digital and branding agency, MadeBrave’s future is set to be even more exciting than its short history. National and international clients are already beating a path to their door, including prestigious brands such as Aggreko, BrewDog, IBM and Linn.

It was an email from the Scottish Government about the pledge that first caught Andrew’s attention. A quick read convinced him that it all looked like common sense, and he recognised that the company was already ticking every box. The sign up process was quick, and within a week MadeBrave had taken the pledge. As Andrew recalls, they were among the first handful of companies to do so.

Often it’s hard to place a measurable value on all sorts of business activities, but Andrew is in no doubt about the positive aspects of taking the Scottish Business Pledge. For a start, it aligns MadeBrave with other highly regarded Scottish firms who have also taken the pledge. It’s also provided opportunities for MadeBrave to get its name in front of a wider audience. Andrew has been invited to talk on a few occasions to business and government audiences.

I was invited to speak at a Scottish Government business event to an audience that included business owners, large and small company managers and MSPs. It gave me a chance to tell the MadeBrave story, and explain how the Pledge commitments manifest themselves in the company.

There are other benefits too. Andrew cites greater opportunities for networking among them, and is convinced it has a positive impact on recruiting and retaining new staff and clients.

Andrew is looking forward to more events where there will be an opportunity to meet like-minded business owners and leaders. Sharing knowledge, ideas and experience is part of the MadeBrave ethos, and it’s an activity he’s happy to extend beyond his own company.

He concludes, “I think it’s a positive move for businesses in Scotland, and it’s good to see the Government acknowledging companies who treat their staff and their customers fairly. I hope that it also encourages some longer established and traditional businesses to wise up and adopt some of the common sense practices that modern companies are applying.”