Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce

The Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce recently became the 600th business to sign up to the Scottish Business Pledge.

Here, we get to know them a little better.

We are an independent membership organisation which supports the business community throughout Edinburgh to grow and maximize success. Supporting over 1,000 organisations who employ more than 120,000 staff, we facilitate hundreds of connections every year and offer our members a range of practical services and benefits.

As a forward thinking organisation which looks after its staff, pays the living wage and has an international team who help businesses enter new markets, we thought it was essential to make this commitment. The Scottish Business Pledge has given us a public platform to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable business practises to our staff, our members and the wider business community we represent.

As a membership organisation representing businesses, we actively advocate socially inclusive growth, and encourage our members to do likewise. We believe we excel at workforce engagement, internationalisation, youth development, and community. We have a modern apprenticeship programme, pay the real Living Wage and have an international department who have signed an number of Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) agreements with international partners globally.

We are a very small organisation with limited resources, which can make sustaining our commitment to some elements of the Business Pledge a challenge. For example, succession planning and internal promotion are a challenge as we have a flat structure. Despite this, we are always seeking to improve our efficiency by assessing our processes, suppliers, competitors and we constantly look at ways to be more innovative. We also aim to continuously engage with and develop our staff.